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    What’s your favourite thing about Headmasters?

    Headmasters truly fosters a creative environment. The teachers are really approachable and are always there to guide you in the right direction. Best of all, Headmasters has their own training salon in Toorak which I love as it gives me the chance to get real experience.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Cutting hair for live shows and runways preferably overseas. I love movement and am not so into still shots.

    Where is your main source of inspiration?

    My main source of inspiration is everyday life. I’m not someone who looks at magazines or goes online for inspiration, I go to the street! Real people, real hair I can see.

    What were you doing before Headmasters?

    I was studying a degree in Psychology but wanted to pursue a career where I could express myself creatively. I had always cut my friends hair in the past and really loved it, so hairdressing seemed the perfect marriage.


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    What is your dream?

    My dream is to be a session stylist and work back stage for fashion parades. I’d love to follow this dream to Europe and the US.

    Why hair?

    I like making people feel beautiful. It’s amazing what a cut and blow wave can do for someone’s spirit, you can literally see them light up. It’s such a great feeling and very addictive!

    Why Headmasters?

    I researched a lot of schools before making my final choice. I wanted to go to a school where I would be taught by amazing hairdressers and get a solid education that would equip me with the tools I needed to get out there and do what I love. Headmaster’s reputation, the selection of their staff and opportunities given to students to be part of the Headmasters Creative Team and work in a real salon as you learn was more than anything else that was on offer. It was a no brainer!

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    Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    Pop music is a huge inspiration for me. I look at artists like Beyoncé and Nicky Minaj, they are forever changing and so dynamic! I also look to the street a lot. Were lucky here in Melbourne, it’s so cool, so urban everyone is rocking their own look.

    What is the dream?

    The dream is to be a top stylist. I want to travel and continue to further my skills so I can work with the best.

    Favourite thing about Headmasters?

    Learning new things! From other students, from teachers and especially from industry professionals that come in and do demonstrations. I can’t get enough of those!

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    Why hair?

    I previously studied makeup and my dream is to work as a stylist on feature films, so knowing how to do hair is a necessity. I loved it from day one! Especially the styling.

    Favourite thing about Headmasters?

    I love how involved Headmasters is in the industry. I also love that they have a Creative Team. Wanting to work in both hair and makeup, it really gives me a great chance to gain some experience in both my fields and get a feeling of what it will be like to work on set.

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    Why hair?

    My mum was a hairdresser so I guess you could say it’s in my blood. I got a part time job when I was 14 in a salon and loved every minute of it! The second I finished year 12 I started my apprenticeship and here I am!

    What is the dream?

    The dream would be to be on the Redken Artistic Team for colour. Colour is my passion, it allows me to be creative and is very broad. Eventually I’d also love to open up my own barber shop.

    Favourite thing about Headmasters?

    There’s always such a positive vibe at Headmasters. Everyone is so keen to learn and teachers so helpful and encouraging. It’s the perfect learning environment for me.



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